About Us

The story about us

We live 1 mile outside Norrköping on the coast and Arkösund.We are Ingrid Lindgren and the youngest daughter Anna Gunnarsson.

We conduct a smaller scale kennel where every litter is allowed to live with the family and is carefully planned for mentality, possible disease conditions, etc. I grew up in a breeding family where my grandfather gave birth to Smålandsstövare and Hamiltonstövare from the late 30's and was released after a Stroke 1958.

I had my first own litter in 1965 when it was dwarf poodle. From the end of the 60's, it was freaking for family, children and full time work that took a lot of time, so it took 30 years to go to the next litter.Then we started with the Pomeranian and after a few years also Chinese Crested Dog, after which it became Chinese Crested, which we have grown up for 22 years. Because we have a general and great interest in dogs, regardless of race, there have been a number of different breeds with us over the years gone by.

We have almost always had one or two dogs of big breeds, at the same time as the little breeds. Some ex. Newfoundland. Grand Danios et al.
Ingrid is educated Ringsecretar, has for several years been responsible for CCD, Breeder Committee and Vc. chairman in 1997. I and Anna have also gone through several different genetic courses and anatomy courses.

We have approved breeders training through both SKK and Chinese Crested Club.
During the 30 years I did not breed breeding there has been among others. German Shepherd and trained dogs to Skydds has made several MH. BOK samples and cakes.The breeds we have brought up to date have been Dwarfpoodle, Pomeranian, Chinese Crested Dog and Pero Sin Pelo Del Peru. A total of 151 puppies.After 22 years of Chinese Crested Dog we have decided with great difficulty to put down the breeding of that breed.

The idea is that Anna will eventually take over and drive the breeding. She has made the breed selection and after almost two years of watching the Podengo Portuguese Pequeno Cerdoso breed, the import of the Opera De Viamonte 2014 was a new, fun challenge.Opera alias Vittra is supernatural and we are very pleased with her. She is the first Podden but definitely not the last one that will be in our home.
Also has an Irish wolf dog. Wonderful Nova. 3 Chinese Crested dog. As everyone is over 8 years old.

If there are questions and concerns about our dogs, hills and breeding. Should it be appreciated very high, if the person wondering, contact us. Many speculation and misinterpretations could then be avoided.

Many greetings

Ninni and Anna